Day 40: Forgiveness

Growing up with a Catholic background I have come to believe forgiveness was when God would take away your sins, thus, you don’t have to worry about being responsible for them because God will take care of them for you!
And so I walked through life believing that all is taken care of because God will forgive me of my sins and for some reason I will make it to Heaven.
When I was introduced to self forgiveness by Desteni a few years ago, I did not take it upon me to apply this tool of self-support/self-change because of the belief that I don’t have to forgive myself because God/external being/source will take care of it for me.
Yet, what Desteni has shown me is self forgiveness is SELF taking RESPONSIBILITY for SELF and all that exists WITHIN Self and in Self’s world- and from there, CHANGE Self into a being Best for All. Therefore, no God or Jesus or other external being/source/force can forgive me or take away my ‘sins’ because self-forgiveness is actually ME standing up, taking responsibility for everything that exists within ME and in MY world and change. Plus if a loving, benevolent God did exist, this world would not be what it currently is right now – a world of competition, separation and abuse due to humanity’s ignorance and abdication of taking self responsibility. 
So everything that exists within me – be it reactions, feelings, emotions, behaviors – that’s all ME that I require to take self responsibility for, and so through self-forgiveness, release myself of what I’ve become that is less than who I am as Life, and as self-directive principle, change myself into a being Best for All Life.

So… I will be walking more of my religious programming in posts to come.


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