Day 23: Doing 1 Thing at a Time…

Doing one thing at a time …
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to discipline myself in doing one thing at a time and completing it as best as I can as I see I created the character of taking a point on but then halfway through give up and take on another thing/point and then move on to the next thing without finishing what I did before – and so I see what I’ve been doing is creating a pattern of not finishing what needs to be done but follow thoughts and concerns about what else needs to get done and from that change what I’m currently doing in the moment and move to other tasks that require attention without finishing what I was doing before, thus leaving me with projects and tasks unfinished at the end of the day because I did not stick to one point/task/thing at a time and walk it practically to its completion. 
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to plan and stick to a schedule where I write down that which requires to get done in my day that is of priority and make time in my day to focus on each task/point and do what is required of that task/point and not worry about the other tasks/points that is required to get done as all I need to do is the one task/point I am currently working on and do it as best as I can without worry about the other things I have to do, because if I allow myself to go off in thoughts and worry about what else I should do while I’m working on the task/point I am not HERE but sabotaging my process,my task/point that I am currently walking as I am not sticking to what requires to be done in the moment.
When and as I see myself go in my mind and participate in thoughts of worry/concern about what tasks/points require to get done within my day, I stop, I breathe, I write down exactly what requires to get done within the day so I see it physically and then set up a practical schedule where I am able to walk these points, one point at a time, to its completion, as practically as I can.
I commit myself to DISCIPLINE myself to stick to only one task/project/point/thing at a time and walk it to its completion, as practically as I can.
I commit myself to STOP following my thoughts of wanting to go onto another task/point before completing the current task/point I am working on and simply to stick to what is here, what I am doing with the task here in breath.
I commit myself to begin the act of writing down what needs to be completed and at what time/day to practically do them and then discipline myself to walk the necessary tasks/points required to be walked within my day.


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